An Evangelical Orphan

13 Aug

ImageIt’s August of 2013.

I’m a product of the independent, American, contemporary Evangelical church.

I’ve spent my life pastoring in sundry ways – preaching, worship leading, programming …

Also, for the past 30 years, I’ve been digging into my Christian past.

You see, I’m an orphan. Well, I was raised by orphans. They had become disassociated from their family tree, and spent considerable time and energy making sure I knew that “those people” from my heritage are not to be trusted.

I decided to be rebellious to my spiritual ‘fathers’, and go off on a journey to meet my family. What I’ve found? That’s why I’m launching The Evangelical Orphan.

Frankly, I think my tradition is broken in so many ways that I don’t know how it can possibly be fixed. Reformation is needed. But reformation is hard – and very hard to lead. My attempts have born meager fruit. But the ideas remain. My prayer is that some of these thoughts will inflame others – far more capable than I in the art of bringing about change in people’s hearts and churches’ programs – to help bring about the needed remedies for our beleaguered condition.

(I also hope to have a cathartic dumping ground for my spinning thoughts. Time will tell if these ideas are treasures, or if this is just so much waste management.)

That’s the preview apology. Let the spelunking begin.


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One response to “An Evangelical Orphan

  1. Jason Haas

    August 14, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Just a short response…I think the blessings will be amazing for those that follow hard after Christ together through hard times such as this. I pray that we humbly walk through this trial and be stronger together on the other side.


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