Cultural Disconnect?

12 Oct


“One of the major reasons why the church has fallen prey to a cultural accommodation is that it has become disconnected from its roots in Scripture, in the ancient church and in its heritage through the centuries. . . . If it is true that the road to the future lies in the past, it is also true that when the past has been lost or neglected there is no certain future. . . . When the past is lost, as it now is in our Western world, there is nothing left to focus on except the self.” – Dr. Robert E. Webber, 2008

Church history matters.

– EO


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One response to “Cultural Disconnect?

  1. tom

    October 13, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    I wonder how much of the loss of connection to the past has to do with the capitalization of the western church and its dependency on financial renumeration from tithing. Causing a “product and consumer” relationship that was never intended. When the church is consumed with money problems, then the congregation is focused on personal wealth as well, creating a shallow, self involved constituency. I agree with the statement. But what paths lead back to the past. By his logic, focusing on anything other than the self should lead us back to the beginning. Thoughts?


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