“Prepare to Meet Your God.”

30 Nov
“Prepare to Meet Your God.”

Advent Monday 1
I’ve decided to spend Advent with one of my favorite “uncles” from our spiritual heritage. His name is Amos. He was a prophet from Judah – Tekoa to be precise, a hick-town about 10 miles south of Jerusalem.

And Amos … well, he was a hick. A small-town shepherd and fruit-gatherer. As God is wont to do, He raises up a very humble, unlikely man to go to the prosperous halls of power in Israel and Judah with a very challenging message.

Why Amos and Advent? What caught my imagination is one of the most famous verses from Amos: “Prepare to meet your God” (4:12), or “prepare to meet thy maker” as it has been translated and quoted often in the past (though I can’t find out why or where).  Getting ourselves ready to meet the coming of God, in the ways He has prophesied … that is what Advent is all about. So I thought this verse, and this prophet, may have something for us as we get ready this Advent season.

When the people of Israel were confronted with the likes of Amos, they didn’t change much. When the world was confronted with the small-town carpenter from Nazareth, most had a hard time acknowledging His Word to be true. How about you this Advent? Are you ready to let a raw, simple, sharp and powerful Word from God lead you to “prepare to meet your God”?

We’ll start tomorrow. Amos has some choice words for Israel’s neighbor nations. It seems this preparation for God’s coming is taking place in a world full of problems …

– EO



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