Trust. Listen. Hope.

07 Dec

Advent Sunday 2

Read Amos 3:1-11

To the secular world around us, the “celebration of Advent” must look absurd. After all, the world has decided that there is no God Who is in control of things – it’s all random, says science. And, if there is a God, (s)he has done an insufficient job of making the divine self known to mankind in a convincing way. The thought that God has spoken to us through people (prophets), either in the past or now, is too ridiculous to believe.

In today’s passage, through a series of rhetorical questions, Amos says there are three things we can take to the bank as we await the coming of Christ, and the conclusive last days.

  1. God is in complete control. “Does disaster befall a city, unless the LORD has done it? (v. 6b). When you see the incredible evil in our world, do you ever wonder if God still has His hands on the wheel? The Bible says not only that God is still in control, but also that nothing happens outside of God’s sovereign plan. God is good, and we are fallen. When humans are prodded or allowed by God to do heinous things, there is “a strong hand of love hidden in the shadows” (Mark Heard).
  2. God is yelling at us all the time! “Surely the LORD God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets” (v. 7). Anyone who doesn’t think that God is communicating with the human race simply won’t accept the ways God has chosen to speak. Through creation, through prophets, through experiences, through creation … “The heavens declare the glory of God!” (Ps. 19:1).
  3. The prophecies are going to happen! “The LORD God has spoken; who can but prophesy?” (v. 8b). As we’ve seen, not all of Amos’ prophecies are good news for the people. But Amos can’t possibly be shy about sharing the Word from God, good or bad. He’s saying it! And if God is saying it, it’s written in stone – it’s going to happen.

So, the Advent application: Trust. Listen. Hope. The sovereign God has spoken clearly, and it will come to pass.

– EO

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